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Madern is an international company, specialising in rotary converting tools and machines for the cardboard packaging industry and engraving tools. The company was founded in 1954 in Vlaardingen by J. Madern. By 1958, it covered the national market for engraving and stamping. The second generation leadership branched out into rotary tooling and converting products, establishing a new production facility in 1995. In 1997, Madern entered the US market and in 2009, the company set up offices in Hong Kong. Its headquarters remain in Vlaardingen.

Interestingly for collectors, Madern produces metallic tags. The illustration (source: Madern Group) shows a dog tag for the town of Uitgeest.

Madern (MAC)
Filename VMC1
Side 1 MAC logo
Side 2 Paper cup with hot drink
Manufacture Brass
Size (mm) 18
Weight (grams)
Source Kooij
Filename VMC2
Side 1 Paper cup with hot drink
Side 2 Blank
Manufacture Brass
Size (mm) 20
Weight (grams)
Source Rose