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De Ruijterkade 139.jpg

In 1880, three islands were created in Amsterdam near the South bank of the river IJ. They would support the Amsterdam central railway station and its access lines. However, because of noise and steam engine smoke, the islands remained otherwise empty until around 1910. In 1914, architect H.G. Jansen, designed a nicely decorated building voor Verenigd Cargadoors Kantoor (VCK) United Ship brokers Office, a combination of shipping agents and brokers from Amsterdam and Rotterdam, established in 1916. Photo: Google Maps.

Around 1950, VCK expanded into air freight and business travel. Today, that is the only part of VCK that still remains.

Verenigd Cargadoors Kantoor
Filename AVK1
Side 1 logo
Side 2 logo
Manufacture Copper-nickel
Size (mm) 22.5
Weight (grams)
Source Figleaf
Filename AVK2
Side 1 freighter and wings emblem
Side 2 freighter and wings emblem
Manufacture Copper-nickel
Size (mm) 22.5
Weight (grams)
Source malj1