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Started by tonyclayton, December 31, 2010, 04:31:27 PM

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Some years ago I had to split the picture pages on my UK coin website away from the History and Values pages.

Now that the latter have been established on on a new domain hosting site,
the time has come to bring the pictures back.

As a result will drop out of use, and pages accessed will be redirected to the folder in due course.

If you have links to pages on the old ukcoinpics site, please alter them to the new destination.

The change involved a great deal of work over the Christmas period, so other aspects of my site may not have been upgraded as quickly as normal.

Happy New Year to all.


All pages on are now automatically diverted to, and links then remain in

In addition, I have new urls as follows, that also link into

The first two are and, both of which mirror (the latter was owned by somebody else until recently, which is why I have those annoying hyphens in the main site name)

The third is, which links straight into the values pages on the site.

No doubt someone will tell me that I should have left it all as it was  ???


Sounds pretty transparent to the user to me and your site is easy to Google. I have never understood why people in the UK believe they must use, rather than uk, but oh, well. Would it not be useful to grab as well, just in case?

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


Is plain .uk even available as an option?  I thought everything had to be broken down into sub-types, e.g.,,, etc.  Same in New Zealand and Australia - I don't believe .nz or .au are an option on their own.


I am afraid .uk is not an option.

The main reason for using is cost. At £3 per year it is cheaper that the £10 per year that .com or .org use.


The site still does not have image of actual Pound coin of 2014