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UK Olympic 50p series

Started by FosseWay, November 18, 2010, 07:49:58 PM

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I am just wondering with all of th Olympic 50 pence coins are hiding.  Since getting two 50 pence albums for free during the closing of the Olympics, I now need to complete a 2nd set for myself and my US coin contact back in the states.


We conduct occasional samples to try and work out how many coins are being lost and collected. The London 2012 50p series is disappearing faster than any coin we've ever made. 50,000,000 in circulation but the majority are being taken out. Amazing really. The craze shows no signs of abating at the time of writing, though I expect it will in time.


Just received the cycling design in my change. Amazed that they can still surface more than a decade later.