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Started by gerard974, October 13, 2010, 01:49:54 PM

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i have seen on Ebay the new two pound coins (olympics , Darwin , Brunel and Nightingale for to sell in BU and presentation pack. My question is all these coins are minted for circulating ??


Quote from: gerard974 on October 13, 2010, 01:49:54 PM
My question is all these coins are minted for circulating ??

Yes, all these two pound coins can be found in circulation. The standard two pound design is the most common, but the special annual designs all circulate too. This makes it fun to check your change in the UK.  ;)

The special FIVE pound coins do NOT circulate. They ARE legal tender, and you can spend them, but we still use five pound notes, so you would never receive a five pound coin in your change.
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The coins in presentation packs/BU quality aren't intended to circulate.All the £2 commemoratives till 2009 have been issued in circulation standards (the two 2009 commemoratives have recently turned up in the circulation),but the 2010 issues exist only as 'collector coins' at the moment.. ::)

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