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Japan, 100 mon local issue in wood

Started by translateltd, September 13, 2010, 07:11:30 AM

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I am sure that when I first saw this, about 20 years ago, I had a catalogue reference for it, but now I can't find it in SCWC19, UWC or any of my Japanese catalogues, or even the 1981 SCWC that I still keep on the shelf. 

Can anyone reference it for me pse? 

The obverse legends (reading in columns from the right) are SHIMADA TSUYO (for use in circulation in Shimada) / HYAKU MON (100 mon) / SAMMAN MAI KAGIRI (limited to 30,000 pieces - actual pronunciation of the last character may differ but that's the meaning - written Classical Japanese is quite different to the modern language)

The inked seal and stamps on the reverse I can't make out just yet.

It's wood, 43-45mm across the flats.  If genuine, issue period would presumably have been the 1860s, when many other local issues were produced in the declining years of the Tokugawa Period.