Author Topic: Muhammed Shah,Rupee, Mint:Dar al Khilafat-Shahjahanabad,AH 1142/RY12 KM#437.4  (Read 1180 times)

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i stumbled on this coin and could not resist to buy:

My measurements and info on the tag coming with the coin:

India, Mogul empire, Muhammed Shah (AH 1131-1161 / 1719-1748 AD.), Shahjahanabad mint, dated year 12, AH 1142 / 1730 AD.,
Rupee (21 mm / 11,34 g),
Ref.: Hussain 1029 .

Hope this id is correct(?)

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Yes this is definately a coin of Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah, Mint: Dar al Khilafat, Shahjahanabad. Dates are correct. This is the coin with the Sahib Qiran Sani legend. Ref: KM#437.4

Normally most coins of this mint under this ruler have the date engraved just under the 'Muhammad' however I find that the date here is in the center just above the title of the emperor. It is not unique but I have not seen many coins with this date placement.

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I do not have enough dates of this coin to be sure, but I have the date in that position for 1134/3, (RY 6 does not show the date at all, but it sure ain't in that position), 114x/12 and 114x/14.  All my coins later than that have the date under the word 'Muhammad' in the top line.  Perhaps there was a particular date after which the position was changed.  For the worse.  I reckon there is more chance of the date falling off the flan after the change was done than before.  How was that progress?  And where was the date on RY 6 coins?

I also found one with a dated countermark added by the Durranis in 1187, but it obliterated both the RY and the date on the host coin!  All I can say is that the flans of Muhammad Shah from 'd a kilafa Sh'j'abad' appear to have got broader as the years rolled by, so my c/m specimen would possibly be an early strike with the date below 'Muhammad' - maybe 1145-ish if it were genuine.  But it is a fake, presumably too good even to be picked up by the workshop adding the c/m ...... unless that also is a fake ....  'Life's a Bitch, and then you die.'  Some fakes are rarer and more interesting than genuine coins, but never cost very much.

  I cannot add more than that to this discussion.  I hope to learn more about these coins by 'staying tuned' to this thread........


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Dear Salvete, Have a look at ZENO to see (at present) 96 rupees of Muhammad Shah of Shahjahanabad mint. Almost every date is represented. It may be observed that for a number of dates the Hijri date is written above Sahib Qiran.