Author Topic: Sikh Empire: Ranjit Singh, (VS1856-1896/1799-1839AD), Anonymous Paisa, KM#7.6  (Read 1164 times)

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Sikh Empire: Ranjit Singh, (VS 1856-1896/1799-1839 AD), Anonymous Paisa, Amritsar mint, ND (1822-30), KM#7.6

Mass=9.0 g

Info at

Obverse Pipal leaf; Gurmukhi legend Zarb Sri Ambratsar (Struck in the illustrious Amritsar)

Reverse Katar; Gurumukhi legend Akal Sahai Gur Nanak Ji

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The link to the pipal lemma was good fun. The ficus plant is a standard for office greens here, so it must be hardy. I have not seen it produce flowers or fruit here. Are the fruits edible?

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In India,it is believed that ghosts live on Pipal trees :D There's a pipal tree just near to our bungalow..haven't seen any ghost so far,but I used to climb up that tree when I was a kid (a human ghost on tree) >:D

The pipal fruits are edible,but not so good in taste.They are considered to be very good for brain development.OK,I should try it some day..

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