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Started by RVCOINS, April 19, 2010, 10:17:44 PM

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Hi Guys,

can any one help me with this one?


Thanks a lot



Vanhoudt I16, groot 1513 Namen/Namur for Charles V.

Obv: crowned, quartered shield, horizontal bar (Austria), heraldic lilies (Burgundy), climbing lion (Brabant), diagonal bars (Burgundy), heart shield climbing lion (Flanders) filling circle of pearls. Legend MOneta.ARCHDVCVS.AVS.DVC+BG... (coin of the archduke of Austria duke of Burgundy ...)
Rev: cross with open centre, fire iron in centre (mint mark), crowns and fire irons between arms. Legend SIT+NO   ME+DNI   BENEDI   CT+1513 The name of the lord is blessed.

Illustration considerably altered to make it more legible and somewhat more in conformity with original. Note that the sketch is from a coin with a different date and mint (Maastricht), so it differs in details.

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Quote from: Figleaf on April 20, 2010, 02:23:18 AM
Legend SIT+NO   ME+DNI   BENEDI   CT+1513 The name of the lord is blessed.

Subjunctive rather than indicative: Blessed be the name of the Lord.  (Sit -> soit in French for comparison.)


Hi Peter,



UK Decimal +

Thank you, Roland, for such an interesing coin.

Perhaps we could start (under Thematic Collecting) a series of similar coins by century.   'Silver of the 16th Century' would be an interesting topic, likewise for other centuries and metallic composition, making mention of the size and weight of the coins, together with their relative value at the time (i.e. 'the smallest coin in common use' or something like that).

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I think that this is the Vanhoudt: VH I17.

Because of the crone comes in the shield.

And on the other side we have 2 crones in syed of 2 lions.

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