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First edge-dated British coin

Started by Deeman, November 28, 2022, 01:34:35 PM

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The Charles II tin farthing of 1684 had a copper plug and was dated only on the edge.

It was produced to assist the ailing British tin industry (as well as the king's coffers) due to the falling value of tin. To counter forgery, a copper plug was inserted and an edge inscription applied as security features. The edge inscription was NUMMORUM FAMULUS 1684 translating to 'The servant of the coinage, 1684'.

There is also a 1685 version, but this was struck in error. Charles died on 6 Feb 1684/5 so the coin must have been struck at least six weeks after this event, for by the Julian calendar, 1685 did not commence until 25 March. This is a product of a Charles die being used for a James II edge. A corresponding error for James II exists for a farthing with an edge dated 1684.