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Edge variation of milling on Pound coin

Started by Pabitra, August 27, 2022, 07:03:04 PM

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Milled edge should be on right or left of the holographic pattern?


See reply 356 in this topic...,26382.0.html

Seemingly, generally, there are a lot of one variety than the other.

Thanks Mr Paul Baker


A good friend and myself have researched this topic at length, and had quite extensive contact about it with Royal Mint employees. This has been happening ever since the new 1 pound coin was introduced. They are known as lefties and righties. The reeding could be either way. In the beginning there was no right or wrong. It depends on the way the die setter puts the collar in the press. It therefore depends on the die setters preference whether the reeding was on the left or right. The ones with the reeding on the left are (far) less common for all dates. The Royal Mint later instructed its die setters to put the collar in the press, in a way that all coins have the reeding on the right. They have also taken what are believed to be technical measures to make it impossible for the collar to be put in the press in a way that would cause the reeding to be on the left. This does only apply to circulating coin production. On the coins that are being manufactured for coin sets, like the pieces you show, the reeding can still be either way.

The thing below the portrait is called a latent image, not a holographic pattern.


No, all new circulation coins should have the reeding on the edge, to the right of the latent image. For coin sets the reeding can still be either way.