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Year and mint on KM# 437

Started by carpatic, July 14, 2022, 08:56:16 PM

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Hi. The attached came identified with the year 1743 AD.
From Krause I believe that it is KM# 437 ( Lettering: "Sikka Mubarak Saheb-e-Qiran Sani Muhammad Shah Badshah Ghazi")
The regnal year is clearly 24. But there are multiple variants for it.
I cannot really see what is the last digit of the year. It is 115[?].
1743 AD would be 1156 AH, to which Krause does not have the regnal year 24.
1742 AD has regnal year 24, but the last digit of the AH date is for sure not a 5, so this date is also excluded.
What remains, I think, is 1741 AD, which is 1154 AH, and the last digit of the date could be a 4.
Is this right?
I also cannot read the mint name. Is it Farrukhabad or Shahjahanabad? Krause lists both variants for AH 1154.I don't read the script and I don't know where to look for the mint mark.
Your help is greatly appreciated.


Since the last digit of the AH date is partly off the flan, it is more likely that this is 1154/24.
Mint I think is Shahjahanabad
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here is the full mintname from another coin: "dar al-khalifah Shahjahanabad"
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