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Small British Silver Coins (General discussion only)

Started by UK Decimal +, January 02, 2010, 02:55:39 AM

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OK, Bill. That clears it up. One more thing. Keeping things in date order is practically impossible and probably requires too much discipline. Why not do an index like the ones that Overlord, numismatica and I have made? You can make the index any way you like, e.g. by monarch or by denomination, there's no posting discipline required and it makes the boards highly accessible. You can make your intro above the index or in a separate message. The only issue with an index is that you have to know how to make embedded links, which is explained here.

An alternative is that you write an extended story with links to illustrations in other posts using embedded pictures. This is explained here. As new pictures appear, you can even upgrade your illustrations. You can practice embedding (and other things, like making a list or a table) here. What do you think?

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UK Decimal +

Now I'm beginning to have doubts.

My thoughts to combine the 4d, 3d, 2d, 1½d and 1d together because of their close association with Maundy sets still makes sense to me and I have prepared the introduction and the Elizabeth II sections ready to start it.

What does concern me is that some members have already gone to the trouble of posting illustrations under the 4d and 1½d topics (although they are in random order).   I have no wish to offend these people by closing those topics and asking for the illustrations to be re-posted.

We have a choice.   Either continue the existing headings plus new ones for 3d, 2d and 1d, bearing in mind that the 4d, 3d, 2d, and 1d are often found together in sets, and I can try to make an index for them, or start again with all five denominations under one heading and hopefully in some sort of date order.   Of these, I prefer the latter.   There is of course a third choice - keep the existing ones and add my new version.

My aim is to have something that we can all learn from and I think that having it organised in Monarch order (backwards from the present) would give the clearest picture.   But what do you, the reader (and hopefully contributor) want?

Help!  :-\

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