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Reactions of the coin world on the war in Ukraine

Started by eurocoin, February 28, 2022, 03:35:31 PM

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The design of a 2 euro commemorative coin of Lithuania, that will be issued next year for the war in Ukraine:
In December, Lithuania will issue a 10 euro collectors coin with the same theme, that can be seen here.

Lithuania 2 euro 2023 Together with Ukraine_auto_x2.jpg


As for the text in the lower part, DeepL says ;) it means "Together with Ukraine". I like the design - on one hand you see a sunflower (kind of Ukraine's national flower), on the other hand its petals (?) look like people embracing each other.


Latvia has released a silver 5 euro collectors coin dedicated to Ukraine's persistent fight for freedom. The star on the design is a reference to the "future political promise of EU membership for Ukraine". Personally, I don't like that part of the design at all. The piece was designed by Ukrainian artist Sergiy Maidukov.

Latvia 5 euro 2022 For the freedom of Ukraine (1).jpgLatvia 5 euro 2022 For the freedom of Ukraine (2).jpg 


What I find interesting about the design is that the main obverse design element is one single Ukrainian word: ВОЛЯ. And what it means is expressed by the three Latvian words on the left - freedom, will and power. (And no, I did not know this but just learned about it. ;) )

One of the pages also has a link to this video about the coin. (Subtitles are available in English, Latvian and Ukrainian.) One coin costs about €75. The profit will be donated, except that the mintage is 8,000 only.