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Rants on going cashless

Started by Figleaf, December 06, 2021, 12:59:58 PM

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On one hand I like gadgets and trying them out. On the other hand I try to avoid giving "too much" information to a single third party. So yes, I use an Android (even a Google) phone, on the other hand I avoid many of the pre-installed Google apps (including G Pay). It's the "old" issue of convenience vs privacy ...

As for that ring, well, it is "connected" to a credit card but I still need to charge it up separately: In the c/c app, I select an amount (say €50), and swipe a button or switch, then the amount ends up on my ring so to say. Useful also if the ring gets lost; nobody can spend more than the amount that is "on it". The second security feature is the default one for all contactless payments - the payment terminal needs to be activated, and you need to hold the card (or point the payment device) in a certain way/angle. Plus, you get an audible and/or visual signal about the payment.

If I have "only" the ring with me, that should be safe enough. If I have my phone and an actual credit card with me, the c/c app will also alert me about a payment. Frankly, in my opinion that is much safer than carrying cash which can get lost or stolen without any notification. ;)  Now privacy is a different issue - see above.



Yeah, convenience. I have always been willing to accept the responsibility for the possibility that I might lose the cash I carry (has never happened yet, though I did accidentally spend an error banknote once!).
I have two iPhones, and all the bloatware, spamware, spyware etc is switched off. Curiously, I use my phone for, phonecalls and texts, and that is it.
The moment an app asks me where I live, or my date of birth, or anything else it doesn't need, it gets deleted :D