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Hisham al din Hushang Shah ghauri had four sons, none of whom had much to commend them.He designated the eldest of them, Ghazni khan as his heir . When Hushang died in AD1435 , his eldest son ascended the throne, not without some opposition, as Muhammad Shah I.

He was a Malignant drunked who put to death his three brothers and other relatives and left the government of the state in the hands of his Second cousin Mughith, and his son Mahmud. Mahmud, appalled by the sultan's behaviour schemed to remove him and set himself up in his place. Muhammad was duly poisoned but, before mahmud could take further action, certain nobles raised to the throne Muhammad's young son Masud shah.In the hostilities that followed, Masud shah was forced to flee to gujarat, his supporter were either captured or dispersed and the throne was offered to Mughith .The latter declined it in favour of his son, and Mahmud was proclaimed sultan in May 1436AD.He thus became the first of the khilji sultan's of Malwa.

Muhammad Shah I ruled Malwa for only a year or less. His name was in the list of weakest rulers of Malwa Sultanate.

Details about the Coin :-
Sultan :- Muhammad Shah I (AD 1435 - 36)
Denomination :- Falus
Obv :- Muhammad Shah Al sultan
Rev :- Dar al mulk Shadiabad (Mandu)
Rarity :- Rare
Refer :- G&G M16
Weight :- 4.6 grams
Superb condition with Full Ruler Name visible on the coin

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Re: Malwa Sultan Muhammad Shah I , Falus , Dar al mulk Shadiabad , G&G M16
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Excellent quality, enhanced by beautiful patination. Thank you for the overlay. How did you manage to reconstruct the red lettering from 12 to 3 o'clock? Do you have or have you seen several specimen?

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