Sultans of Jaunpur, J32, Bahlol Shah, AE Falus, AH889

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sarwar khan

The closing years of the 14th century witnessed the emergence of four provincial sultanates on the debris of the crumbling Tughluq dynasty of Delhi.In the South the sultanate of khandesh was founded in 1382 by Malik Raja Ahmed faruqi (1382-99 ).Malwa in Central India became independent in 1892 under Dilawar khan , (1392-1405 ). In 1396 , the sultanate of Gujarat was founded in the West by zafar khan who later came to known as Shamsuddin Muzaffar shah I. And in the east the sultanate of jaunpur came up under malik Sarwar (1394 -99) .

Among  these four provincial kingdom's, jaunpur wielded it's independent position for a shortest spell of a little over a century only as it was finally incorporated into the Delhi Sultanate by Sikandar lodi.

Hussain shah (1458 - 79 AD) was the last sultan of Jaunpur who ruled for a period of Twenty one years. But he was highly ambitious & desired to extend his rule even to delhi. First of all he invaded Orissa as is evident by the description of the event by Nizamuddin Ahmad as well as some of his copper coins found from Orissa. He raised a huge army of cavalry and elephants and led one after the other three military expeditious to delhi but he was ultimately defeated in each military engagement by Bahlol shah Lodi who defeated him in the last campaign in AD 1479 and dislodge him from power in Jaunpur.

He was forced to content himself with a portion of his territory yielding annual revenue of 5 Cores as is mention by Nizamuddin Ahmad, the author of Tabaqat-i-Akbari. Chunar & Bihar remained in his possession and he ruled this area with his headquarter at Bihar sharif where from his stone inscription dated AH 892 (AD 1486 - 67) has been founded. Bahlol lodi installed his son Barbak shah as the governor of Jaunpur.

When sikandar lodi (1489 - 1517) came to power in Delhi after the death of Bahlol lodi, Barbak rebelled against him on the instigation of Hussain shah. Hence Sikandar lodi moved against both with a large army. Barbak & Husain both were defeated. Husain shah was finally driven out from Jaunpur & Bihar.

He went to bengal and remained  under his shelter at Kahalgaon near bhagalpur till his death. Jamal khan Sarangkhani  was appointed as the governor of Jaunpur by Sikandar lodi in AH899/ AD 1493.

Details about the Coins :-
Sultan :- Barbak Shah lodi (1483 - 88 AD)
Denomination :- Falus
Obv :- Shahr Jaunpur 889
Rev :- Bahlol Shah Sultan
Reference :- G&G J32
Issue year :- 889 AH / AD 1484.

Scarce coin with Superb condition

Foot note :
These coins were issued by Barak Shah INO his father Bahlol Lodhi (Sultan of Dehli)after Bahlol's conquest of Jaunpur


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Thanks Sarwar Khan !
Our collection area overlaps. But you write-ups on subjects and areas outside my collection focus each time gives a welcome chance to widen my horizon. This startpost and the coin shown and explained is a nice example of this. And i think that appreciation holds true for many of the large number of viewers of your posts, even though there seems a bit of a reluctance by our members to respond to new posts lately !
Please do continue to show your new aquisitions and enlightening background info !


Showing a coin is one thing. Understanding the text is quite another, especially when you cannot read its script. I see a significant number of members making large progress in understanding these coins and it is thanks to posts like these. It evokes the memory of not just Hussain shah, but also of proud Hussain shah, who lost his lands.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.


An welcome addition of a new ruler to our ever expanding index of coins.
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