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Karranis of Bengal: Daud Shah AR Rupee, Tandah

Started by shiblius, September 27, 2021, 02:49:31 AM

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Karrani Sultans of Bengal: Daud Shah Karrani (980-84 AH, 1572-76 CE ), AR Rupee, Tandah, 981 AH (1573-74 CE), 11.34 gms, 29.7-30.5 mm.

Obverse Central Inscription: داود شاہ سلیمان شاہ کررانی خلد اللہ ملکہ و سلطانہ
Transliteration: Daud Shah Sulayman Shah Karrani Khallad Allah Mulkuhu wa Sultanahu
Translation: Daud Shah (son of) Sulayman Shah Karrani, May Allah perpetuate his rule and dominion
Mint mark: Knot pattern at the lower left corner of the obverse central square
Date in right obverse margin and mint in the left obverse margin (partially visible)

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Cool coin ! Has all the elements for attractivity and well defined calligraphy.
Thanks for showing !