Author Topic: Tughluq Sultan Ghiyath al din Tughluq (AD 1320 - 25 ) Paika , G&G# D313  (Read 202 times)

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Sultan :- Ghiyath al din Tughluq (AD 1320 - 25 )
Denomination :- Paika
Refer :- G&G D313
Obv :- al-sultan al-ghazi
Rev :- ghiyath al-dunya wa’l din

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Re: Tughluq Sultan Ghiyath al din Tughluq (AD 1320 - 25 ) Paika , G&G# D313
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Thanks for posting ! We managed to assemble quite a lot of specimen in an earlier thread not so long ago. In Goron and Goenka this is still listed as rare. I think so many new specimen surfaced quite recently this should now just be considered scarce.
Your overlay is a welcome reference addition ! You might add in the overlay the defining diacritical dot over the initial "Ghayn" character of Ghiyath which is visible just at the edge of your coins flan ?
Looking at your coin reminded me of a different specimen (16 mm, 4.3 gr) i examined not to long ago, see below.
Although the text on the left side is not fully on flan, this seems to read "Ghiyath al-dunya / wa al-din" in a very similar fashion as on your coin. The problem is there were quite a lot of Ghiyaths in this period who this could refer to who issued base coinage in similar style (Ghiyath al-din Muhammad bin Sam, Ghiyath al-din Mahmud, Ghiyath al-Din Balban, Ghiyath al-din Tughluq, Ghiyath al-din Muhammad Damghan Shah all come to mind). I provisionally attributed this coin to Ghiyath al-din Muhammad bin Sam, based on style and the use of the title "Sultan al-mu'azzam", but may be wrong.