Royal Canadian Mint offers live virtual tours of its facility

Started by eurocoin, July 07, 2021, 07:58:32 AM

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The Royal Canadian Mint has started to sell live virtual tours of its facility. The live tour can be followed on Zoom. The tours take between 30 and 45 minutes and cost $8 per person. More information can be found here. During the Royal Canadian Mint's Annual Public Meeting, which I recently attended, we did get a virtual tour of the mint and it was quite interesting and impressively well organised.


The short tour of the Royal Canadian Mint, that was part of this year's annual public meeting, can be viewed here free of charge.


I've done the ottawa mint tour a couple times; they don't issue regular coins over there since a long time now, all the business strikes moved to Winnipeg. The tour is quite nice, lasts for 45 mins or so and you get to see that massive gold toonie too

The winnipeg mint is in the middle of nowhere with not much to see in the city either; so tourist must-see, it certainly is not