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Clickable index of this board
« on: January 05, 2012, 11:16:38 PM »
Each of the lines below is linked to a thread on this board. When more coins are discussed in one thread, all illustrated coins are taken up in the index. Country names are the current ones and include predecessor states and regions. Where there is -- in the column for the KM number, the piece is not listed in KM, but "..." means the piece was not identifiable to a single KM number and "n.a." is a coin struck before 1601 or a trade token. Denomination is as in KM. Dates are as on the coin, or a date range if the date on the coin was not legible, "nd" indicates that the coin is undated. Remarks include regions and the themes of commemorative coins. Threads on the board preceded by :) are listed in the index. Where a question mark appears, an unanswered question remains in the thread, but it is included in the index.

Please point out errors in a PM to the indexer, Figleaf.

France--demi grosnd (1608-1624)Lorraine
France--grosnd (1608-1624)Lorraine
France16.1double tournois1610
France720 sols1708Siege of Lille/Rijssel
France4841/2 écu1727counterstamped
France4861 écu1728K (Bordeaux)
France500.92 sols1742H (La Rochelle)
France586demi sol1779-90
FranceTn262 sols1792Monneron
FranceTn315 sols1792Monneron
France7001 décime1814
France76220 francs1851
France77110 centimes1852
France77110 centimes1853countermarked 57
France7762 centimes1856
France7775 centimes1853
France77810 centimes1853-1857
France8215 centimes1891
France8425 centimes1913
France84720 francs1905
France85450 centimes1918
France885a.11 franc1949
France8875 francs1933
France888b.25 francs1949
France9015 francs1941
France9015 francs1941
France91510 francs1955
France915.110 francs1958
France925.11 franc1966
France92910 centimes1965
France92910 centimes1968
France942.12 francs1981
France95910 francs1986
Francen.a.10 centimesndChatellerault
Francen.a.25 centimes1917Montpellier
Monaco1201 franc1943
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