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The crown of Lucia, Swedish charity token
« on: February 12, 2021, 07:26:13 AM »
When you live far up North, daylight becomes an issue in winter. In popular culture that translates in fights between good light and bad darkness, where it helps if humans make light. That's where St. Lucia comes in as the central figure of a semi-catholic and semi pagan ritual.

In Sweden, Lucia's day (13th December) is a big event. The role of Lucia is traditionally played by a young lady or older girl wearing a crown of candles and a white robe. She may be heading a parade (link in Swedish) of children and distributing sweets and surrounded by a fixed repertoire of songs.

Around 1950, the newspaper Stockholms - Tidningen made the parade into a grand event with a charity angle. In the beginning, the Salvation army played an important role - it's no fun being homeless in winter - but in the late sixties the attention shifted to children, hence the text HJÄlPER BARNEN.

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