Author Topic: Silver Rupee - Gwalior Princely State - Jamgaon Mint - with JO as mintmark  (Read 110 times)

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Jamgaon, Silver Rupee, 11.21g, “Chandwadi” type, in the name of Shah Alam II, with inverted Devanagari letter “Jo” on reverse, struck under the authority of the Sindhias in late 18th century (Unlisted in M&W or Lingen-Wiggins). Very fine, extremely rare. The mint at Jamgaon was run during the very last years of 18th century by the Sindhias to provide money for their army, which was stationed around Pune. The type of the rupee was ‘Chandwadi’ and modelled on the coins of Wafgaon mint, which was located close to Jamgaon and was run by the Holkars. The letter ‘Jo’ on the reverse stands for ‘Jotiba’, or ‘Jotiswaroopa’ who is the family deity of the Sindhias.

From Oswal Auctions. Now in my collection.


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Re: Silver Rupee - Gwalior Princely State - Jamgaon Mint - with JO as mintmark
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Fun piece of history, Abhay. TFP. I am more used to seeing camp coins, but I guess a small town would offer added protection for an army mint.

The Sindhias imitating a Holkar coin calls out for explanation. The coin's weight is good and it evidently passed the shroff's test. Were the Sindhias allied with the Holkars at this time? Were there Holkar mercenaries in the Sindhia army? Was the Sindhia army forced to buy stuff from Holkar towns?

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.