Bank box 25 Rupiah 1994

Started by $and€r, December 21, 2020, 09:33:11 PM

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I bought this box a while ago..
I meanly collect modern world coins and always on the search for errors or varieties.
Back then i was not aware that the box were 'sealed' with paper, the left side were already torned and visible on the ads photos..
Until now, the box has never been opened and my original plan to look for variants has never been executed..
to be honest i were forgotten that a had it..
I think i put it away and forget it again, and maybe my kids find it in about 40/50 years..  >:D
What would you do?? Open and check it or keep it as it is..  ;)


Hmm.. I think I would keep it as is. It is a unique item. With heat you could activate the glue and so try to move the label far enough upwards to be able to open the box, without damaging it. But then I guess just opening the box, possibly without causing damage, still doesn't get you very far as the coins will be in rolls and it is going to be very difficult to open them, check the coins and then reroll the coins. Also, Indonesian coins are not expensive and available in bulk so you can still hunt for variants on other coins. So no, I would not open the box.