Author Topic: SHAH JAHAN - JAHANGIR NAGAR (DHAKA) AH 1043/RY 6 - 11.36 Gm. - 22.5 MM - RARE!!  (Read 167 times)

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Shah Jahan, Silver Rupee, Jahangirnagar (Dhaka), AH 1043 RY 6 KM#224.10

11.36 Gm. - 22.5 MM

Is it Khurdad month?

I think, I am sharing this coin for the first time :)

Your comments are most welcome!!

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Can't help you with the month, but am happy to confirm the date and regnal year :) Others will be more knowledgable of these coins. I like the natural colour of these pictures. Taken in sunlight, I presume. Why is this coin rare? Date? Mint? Couplet?

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I think the last line of the right picture reads Mah (month) Amardad.
I have a khurdad that I will post to show the difference.
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Clear Amardad.

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