Author Topic: Shah Jahan III. Rupee. Mint: Surat (off flan). AH 1173 RY ahd.  (Read 161 times)

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I have been looking far a coin of Shah Jahan III, Surat dated AH 1173 as this is the only date that falls within the actual range of his rule. I finally found one (unfortunately with the mint off the flan). Coins of this ruler, with mint name Surat have been imitated in the adjoining areas (most likely candidate is Bhaunagar as mentioned by Oesho (Jan Lingen) in his article in the JONS. These coins have been noted woth various dates other than the official date 1173 and hence a coin with this date is most likely to be a official product of Surat. 

Any one else have a coin with this date? Please post it here.

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