Author Topic: Half Kaserah, Haidar Shah, AH 87(4), Sultans of Kashmir, Unlisted in G/G  (Read 244 times)

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weighs 2.3 grams...
This one has date only on one side and has the noon of sultan as the last line while its closest match K 25 has date on both sides and has noon of sultan on top
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I have very little knowledge of the small denominations of the Kashmir Sultans. Probably not strange when i look them up in the Goron & Goenka catalog and see most listed as rare to very rare.
The side of your left picture seems similar to the "Na'ib khalifat al-Rahman 874" reverse of K24 and K25. The side in your right picture i think is the reverse of  K27.
If i look at the specimen in G&G it looks like the four shown half-Kaserah types K24 to K27 are made with four different die designs used in different combinations to strike obverse and reverse.
So i would agree that your specimen is a variant unlisted in G&G. However, it is also not unexpected because it is just another combination of the obverse and reverse dies ?