help attributing - small silver with goddess: Japanese Mameita Gin

Started by carpatic, January 25, 2020, 12:06:45 PM

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Hi. This one has 3.61g, 10 mm diameter and 4 mm thick. Looks like debased silver ( the copper content is more visible at the high resolution scan than in hand)
Resembles to me the coins of Kashmir devas but I could not find a match. I would appreciate your help


Wow great lead, thank you.
I was not expecting Japan.
Now the challenge gets another twist as I am looking to find a match of the Mameita-gin coins which were minted for 250 years:
Zeno - Oriental Coins Database - Mameita-Gin


I would incline more to Bunsei era: Zeno - Oriental Coins Database - Bunsei Mameita-gin, 1820-1837
Still the still is rougher than the usual ones but I see that there was a lot of variation