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Banten Sultan Abul Ma'ali bronze pitis 1647-51, and lettering question

Started by bgriff99, January 24, 2020, 07:08:52 AM

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Issued by Bantam Sultan Abul (or Abu'l?) Ma'ali Ahmad.   It is leaded bronze, 23.3mm, a thin 1.61grams, its normal dimensions.    A somewhat scarce type.   Question about lettering at the end of Ma'ali.... is that a ligature of laam and yaa' forming -li?    Or just a final yaa'?    I don't know the actual spelling of the name.    The ending looks just like the ligature form of the common word fi, just without the top curl.   


Dear bgriff99, text reads: السلطان ابو المعالي , al-Sultan abu al-Ma'ali. The calligraphy is correct, the end two letters " Le لي " which is OK. The " E ي " came before letter " L ل " which is OK in calligraphy, to the Arabic reader it is clear.

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