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Japanese gold on silver medal

Started by bagerap, September 06, 2019, 02:24:45 PM

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I'm putting this here rather than in exonumia in the hope that some one can help with the kanji? TIA.


With the help of a few people hereby some information on it. It apparently is a poem about a chrysanthemum by Japanese poet Ariwara no Narihira:


If planted well,
only without autumn,
will it fail to bloom.
and though its flowers may scatter
the roots will never die.

The edge lettering is: Made out of silver .925 finished with pure gold.


Fascinating. Earlier today, on another forum, I was given a clue that it is a Franklin Mint production which lead me to this translation:
"I plant this flower for you with all the sincerity that my heart can give.
It is a flower that awaits the coming of Autumn.
And, even if it should wither and its petals scatter thereafter,
The root will live on to bloom in beauty in the years to come - for ever."

Thank you Eurocoin.