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Will cash be obsolete

Started by Pabitra, March 18, 2019, 06:42:32 PM

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Quote from: Figleaf on May 29, 2022, 07:35:28 AMI just got another portion of that when a phone hacker forced me to restart my phone from zero.

Eeek. Those Google Waze alerts in Ukrainian are of the "weird but not threatening" type, even though the reason behind that – the hack – is not so amusing. Having to restore your account access is definitely a problem especially if it takes that much effort.

By the way, the problem with Verifone's H5000 terminals in Germany persists. The company does not produce that type any more, but apparently they can be used until late 2024. Verifone, or whoever is responsible for the mess, will apparently have to fix this device by device (article in German). As long as the card reader merely reads from the card and the payment is then done via direct debit, even those terminals work. But as soon as an online connection (to verify the card or account data) is necessary, they fail.

In other words, this will take some more time. The "good" thing is that by now most people heard the story, so they will look for alert signs in affected stores or ask whether their cards work. Nobody really knows how many readers there are with that issue; the article says roughly every fourth to every sixth device.


No connection between the hack and Waze. The French hackers have come back, but I learned from Apple how to defeat them. Waze is just weird. Those speed zone alerts were in French at first. That changed to American English without any reason and they are now still in Ukrainian.

On the H5000's, economic theory calls for batch processing and prioritising, just like COVID-19 injections: you make a supply of the old terminals and publish priorities (e.g. users with the highest number of transactions just before the problem occurred first), switch all their equipment in one go to save on travel cost and take away their faulty equipment for repair. Openness and flexibility will help.

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