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Hi guys,
Presenting a historically important coin, the kind of coin which bears testimony to great political upheaval. We all know about the 3rd battle of Panipat fought between the Marathas lead by Sadashivrao bhau and Afghans lead by Ahmed shah Durrani. The Marathas were heavily defeated and Afghans entered Delhi on 29th January 1761. Ahmed Shah occupied Delhi till 20th March 1761. While leaving Delhi, Ahmed shah recognised Shah Alam II as emperor while appointing Najib Khan Ruhela as regent. Najib struck coins in the name of Shah Alam II. These coins bear the dates 1174AH/Ry 2- ostensively counting the RY reckoning, not from the Maratha investiture of Shah Alam II in October 1760 but from the death of Alamgir ii in November 1759. This is in line with the Ruhela proclivities, who never recognize Shah Jahan iii as emperor but as mere Maratha stooge.
So this coin are the ones struck by Najib Khan Ruhela immediately after the return of Ahmed shah Durrani. No doubt, these are very difficult to find. (Point to remember that Shah Alam ii was in Allahabad at the time,when these coins were struck in Delhi).
Shah Alam ii, Dar al khilafat Shahjahanabad . 1174AH/Ry2.

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Re: Shah Alam ii, shahjahanabad 1174AH/Ry2- historically important
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TFS! Yes, a really important historical document. Some time ago, I characterised the Durrani period as one where India served as an ATM for the Durrani empire. Throw soldiers in, draw money out. I would imagine that Najib Khan Ruhela had a problem. On the one hand, he needed to secure money for the military adventures of the Durrani while on the other hand, he needed to confirm the authority of Shah Alam II, albeit as a puppet of the Durrani empire. This may explain why the coin was struck and why it is so hard to find: they may have been struck in small quantity. History shows how well Najib Khan Ruhela succeeded in his balancing act.

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