Author Topic: Shah Alam ii, shahjahanabad (delhi). Sahib Qiran couplet  (Read 274 times)

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Shah Alam ii, shahjahanabad (delhi). Sahib Qiran couplet
« on: December 18, 2018, 05:16:15 PM »
Hi all,
Shah Alam ii, Shahjahanabad mint (Delhi mint) 1212AH/Ry 40. 1797 AD. Sahib Qiran type. This type is seen from ry 31 onwards till ry49. The couplet most probably reads, " sikka zad sahab qirani ze tayeed-e-elah, hami dine muhammad, shah alam badshah " on obverse. The couplet reads " Struck coins by the lord of conjunctions by the help of God, Defender of the faith , emperor Muhammad Shah Alam ".
This coin was minted in 1797 AD at the fag ends of the mughal control over Delhi. In 1806, British took control over Delhi and the mughal emperor became the titular head

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Re: Shah Alam ii, shahjahanabad (delhi). Sahib Qiran couplet
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I am falling for the parasol, of course. It's a most unusual symbol in Western eyes. It makes sense in a hot climate, though, not so much because it is a complicated object to make, but because, if you are rich enough, you'd want someone to hold it over your head when you're going around. To let people know you're rich, you could make it three-topped, like a Buddhist stupa  ;) with stuff dangling from the edges.

Of course, if you stay in one place, you don't need someone to hold it and if you are even supposed to stay in one place, even though it's hot, your umbrella is made of stone and undecorated. That's why they are all over the roofs and towers of the palace. Same object, not the same symbol.

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