Author Topic: Shah Jahan III, Shahjahanabad mint coppers and historical accounts  (Read 253 times)

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Hi all,
I have written a short article on copper coins of Shah Jahan III from Shahjahanabad (Delhi) mint with a short interregnal period of Afghan Ahmed Shah Abdali in the souvenir of Delhi coin exhibtion 2018. I have also highlighted the historical situation of the period to accompany the coins. I thank Shailen Bhandare, for inspiring the write up with his article “The Marathas in Delhi in the ‘Panipat’ year- A numismatic insight” published in JONS 209.. Do give a read and let me know. The souvenir can be accessed in Delhi exhibtion and those who cannot access the souvenir can also read it on I have shared the link below

Waiting for criticism and comments

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Re: Shah Jahan III, Shahjahanabad mint coppers and historical accounts
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Excellent article and even better illustrations. The reconstructions of the dies are not just very pretty, they are vital for me to bridge my knowledge gap. The problem with all the intrigues is too many names, so you have to look back all the time who they were on whose side they were on (not your fault, of course). Overall, you have ordered a complicated period into something an outsider can understand. I am still waiting for someone to do that for the Hook and Cod wars ;) At least as important, I hope the success of this article and your drawing talent will stimulate you to write and draw more.

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