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Started by paddyirish, September 21, 2009, 10:26:30 AM

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Conversations on other threads got me thinking about advertising from the mints/purveyors of coins.

In the last week I've had four pieces of mail from the Royal mint advertising something or other, none of which I am interested in. These must cost a lot to produce and I reckon that because I know what I want to buy from them each year and stick to it (well under £100 in value), they must lose money on me.  I reckon I hear from them about 40-50 times a year and yet I buy about 5 or 6 base metal products from them.

I've told them I'm happy to hear by email only, though I like getting the bulletin as a catch-all publication.  They still insist on sending me junk mail.  Once on the list, always on the list...

With New Zealand Post, I reckon it's a closer run thing - their advertising is less flashy, but there are increased postage costs (do they bill themselves?) but I buy a reasonable amount from them, though now mainly through a 3rd party who frequents these boards...

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So far, I've only bought a few items from the Royal Mint and have not received any advertising matter from them.   Perhaps this is because I have been buying on-line.

As the converse of this, there is something that they are unable to supply at present and they have written to me asking if I want to wait or change/cancel the order (no reply and they will hold the existing order).   But they have my E-mail address!

Interestingly, the missing item is the 2009 £5 Countdown to 2012 Swimming at '£5 for £5'.   (I have some more of these on later orders as well).

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