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Alphabet 10p series 2018

Started by eurocoin, January 27, 2018, 08:12:15 PM

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Thanks Eurocoin, just ordered a set for £26 with free p&p! Now I can finally fill up my album!!


Likewise, thanks for the heads-up!

I don't usually bother with these NCLT coins but if I can get a whole series for £1 each then I make an exception ;)

Not sure when I'll actually get to see them though - postage within the UK was free but £12.50 to Sweden, so I've had them sent to relatives for later collection.


The following designers have taken credit for designing A-Z 10p coins:

B: Lee Jones
J: Bradley Morgan Johnson
Z: Bradley Morgan Johnson

Designer Dave Knapton takes credit for 3 A-Z 10p coins but he did not want to tell me which ones. :(

Another source at The Royal Mint mentioned that the entire A-Z 10p series was more of a collaborative effort rather than that coins were the work of individual artists. This is also the official reading of The Royal Mint. According to the Mint a public survey was held to identify themes for every letter. The artists were provided these themes and based on that had to make the designs. The Royal Mint Advisory Committee subsequently made a selection and the selected designs were then refined by the Royal Mint's in-house design team in a collaborative approach.

Kopper Ken

This is a great series. I would hope the US Mint is watching and would consider doing something like this when our America the Beautiful quarter dollar (25c) series ends next year.



Previously it was already known that David Knapton designed 3 coins in the A-Z 10p series, but when asked several years ago, he did not want to tell me which of the 26 designs were his work. In September of last year I attended a digital event of The Royal Mint in which David Knapton was a speaker. Upon rewatching the event today I noticed that in a split second he mentioned that he designed the A (Angel of the North), E (English breakfast) and I (Ice cream) coins. So that makes the list of identified artists as follows:

   A (Angel of the North):      David Knapton   
   B (Bond):      Lee Jones   
   E (English breakfast):      David Knapton   
   I (Ice cream):      David Knapton   
   J (Jubilee):      Bradley Morgan Johnson   
   Z (Zebra crossing):      Bradley Morgan Johnson   

The official reading of The Royal Mint remains that it was a collaborative team effort. When asked, the company has always refused to name individual artists for each design.


Update of the list of designer names, following new discoveries:   
    A (Angel of the North):        David Knapton   
    B (Bond):        Lee Jones   
    E (English breakfast):        David Knapton   
    I (Ice cream):        David Knapton   
    J (Jubilee):        Bradley Morgan Johnson   
    K (King Arthur):        Patrick James Lynch   
    L (Loch Ness monster):        Patrick James Lynch   
    M (Mackintosh):        Patrick James Lynch   
    P (Post box):        Patrick James Lynch   
    R (Robin):        Patrick James Lynch   
    V (Villages):        Patrick James Lynch   
    X (X marks the spot):        Patrick James Lynch   
    Z (Zebra crossing):        Bradley Morgan Johnson