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Comments on "The Netherlands: Collectors Coins 2004-2017"

Started by chrisild, January 25, 2018, 12:46:41 AM

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Thanks for posting all these "rejected" designs! Some I find quite attractive, others ... With regard to the EU Enlargement coin, the minted design (Mieras) has a good reverse, but I am not fond of the Queen's portrait.

The country codes used by Fortuyn would have been fine, I think. (After all, the minted €10 coin used the very same approach, except that Nederland is spelled out, and the others are 1 to 3 character codes ... from car license plates, I suppose.) Not sure why Fortuyn would use the ISO codes two times though. And the flower may indeed have been difficult to understand. :)

Kaper's handjeklap I do not like. Whose hands would that be? The European Union reaching out to the one hand of the ten new member states? ;) And the text "Europese Unie" does not make it much better ...