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Circulating 50p and £2 commemoratives, with and without denominational numerals

Started by <k>, August 15, 2017, 09:56:53 PM

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Most of our many commemorative 50p coins (and I don't know their exact number, but they are commonly found in circulation) include the denominational numerals, i.e. "50 PENCE" rather than the "FIFTY PENCE" that appears on the standard Dent 50p. But how many do NOT? That's a question I don't know the answer to. Even a few commemorative 2 pound coins (again, I don't know how many) include the numeral either on the obverse or reverse - though the majority do not.

My question: is anybody prepared to count them, or even additionally identify them? It's not a task that appeals to me, but there may be some who are quite happy to undertake it.

Incidentally, in the first part of my post I am quoting my own words, as they appeared in this post.
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I can get this info. I've got all of the commemoratives (excluding any 2017 so far) in coin albums.  Might not be tonight though.


Will look forward to that.  ;)   Alan71 has just accepted Mission Impossible. Will he win the Hero of WoC medal? Watch this space.
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50p Commemoratives

50 PENCE on reverse, larger numeral unless stated
1973 EEC
1992/93 EC Table
1994 D-Day
1998 EU Stars (numeral less large)
1998 NHS (numeral about same size)
2000 Public Libraries
2003 Suffragette
2004 Four-Minute Mile
2010 Girl Guiding
2011 Olympic series (29 coins - numeral same size as PENCE)

50 PENCE on obverse, all same size
2015 Battle of Britain (JC obverse only)
2016 Battle of Hastings
2016 Team GB
2016 Beatrix Potter
2016 Peter Rabbit
2016 Jemima Puddleduck
2016 Miss Tiggy-Winkle
2016 Squirrel Nutkin
2017 Tale of Peter Rabbit
2017 Mr Jeremy Fisher
2017 Benjamin Bunny
2017 Tom Kitten

50 FIFTY PENCE on reverse
2005 Johnson's Dictionary
2013 Ironside (placement as standard 1982-2008)

FIFTY PENCE on reverse
2006 Victoria Cross
2006 Soldier
2007 Scouts
2017 Sir Isaac Newton

FIFTY PENCE on obverse
2009 Kew Gardens
2011 WWF
2013 Benjamin Britten
2014 Commonwealth Games

No Denomination
2015 Battle of Britain (sets only, and IRB portrait only)


So of the circulation 50p coins (i.e. not the odd-bods sets), only eight do not include denominational numerals, in stark contrast to Dent' standard upside-down 50p. I assume that there have been no upside-down commemorative 50p coins to date. But if not, there probably soon will be.

This is such a useful thread, I recommend that Alan71 update it every year, and that my posts here should be hived off into a "comments" thread, to give this thread a cleaner look. My thanks to Alan for undertaking this task in response to my request. The many Asperger's numismatists who didn't think of doing it will be envious indeed.  ;)
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Two Pounds Commemoratives

TWO POUNDS on reverse
1999 Rugby World Cup
2001 Wireless Bridges The Atlantic
2003 DNA
2004 R Trevithick
2005 Gunpowder Plot
2005 VE Day
2006 Brunel Portrait
2006 Brunel Bridges
2007 Act of Union
2008 London Olympics 1908
2009 Charles Darwin
2009 Robert Burns
2010 Florence Nightingale
2011 Mary Rose
2014 Trinity House
2014 WW1 Your Country Needs You
2016 Great Fire of London
2017 Jane Austen

TWO POUNDS on obverse
All seven commemorative single-metal versions, 1986 to 1996
2007 Abolition of Slave Trade
2008 Beijing to London Olympic handover
2011 King James Bible
2012 Charles Dickens
2012 London to Rio Olympic handover
2013 Golden Guinea
2013 London Underground - Train
2013 London Underground - Logo
2015 Magna Carta (Sets-only, IRB portrait only)
2015 Magna Carta (JC circulation version only)
2015 WW1 Royal Navy (Sets-only, IRB portrait only)

2 POUNDS on obverse
2015 WW1 Royal Navy
2016 WW1 The Army
2016 Shakespeare - Comedy
2016 Shakespeare - Tragedy
2016 Shakespeare - History
2017 WW1 Aviation

£2 on reverse
2002 Commonwealth Games series (four coins)


What a disgrace. No "£2 TWO POUNDS", "£2 TWO POUND" or "TWO POUND". I'm giving up collecting before I've even started.  >:(

Luckily, I've noticed that all the 2 pound coins I've got are just like Dent's 50p: upside-down. I'll earn a fortune when I sell them on ebay.  8)
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See: The Royal Mint Museum.