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Started by cam, August 15, 2017, 02:46:59 PM

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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Please welcome my first mobile app UK Coins Manager from the CoinBrothers.

With the UK Coins Manager you may:

• Build up your personal coins collection.
• Add some double coins to your exchange.
• Mark all coins that you missing in your wishlist.
• Share your collection, exchange and wishlist on Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp or any other social networking service or messenger.
• Get the best images of obverse, reverse and even coin cards for each coin.
• Read interesting stories about each coin and all design elements appeared on it.
• Get from our full coins catalog the maximum info about each penny, pound, farthing, crown, shilling or sovereign: mintage, descriptions, material, weight, size, value, edge type, alignment and other numismatic data.
• All objects appeared on each coin (constructions, persons, devices, vehicle etc.) are carefully tagged. For example, by one click you may get all coins related to the Beatrix Potter's tales.

Your feedback and promotion between your friends would be greatly appreciated! | World Coins Catalog, Marketplace & Swap Service + Mobile Apps