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Netherlands 5 Cent KM181 varieties in 1966/1967/1970

Started by Newtony, July 06, 2017, 06:34:35 PM

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Hello everybody! I've been lurking around here for a long time and just now I've decided to make my first posting :-)

I've been updating my collection recently and I came across a bunch of Netherlands 5 Cents. Enough to compile a complete set by year and even some varieties. The only problem is that there is almost no information to be found on any varieties except a couple of lines (text only, no pictures!) in a dutch catalogue I have (written by Johan Mevius, edition 2004).
There are varieties mentioned for 1966: long tailed 9 / short tailed 9,
for 1967: leaves near rim / leaves far from rim,
and for 1970: narrow date, CENT away from rim / wide date, CENT away from rim / wide date, CENT near rim.

As mentioned earlier, pictures are very difficult to be found. So I tried to compile my own list.
For 1966 I managed to get hold of only 1 variety; the short 9. On another forum I found a picture for this coin. This picture suggests there is also a difference in the leaves (near of far from rim). I you look closely at this picture the 1st variety would be long 9 with leaves near the rim and the 2nd variety would be the short 9 with leaves far from rim.
Here is the picture of my 1966 short 9:


As you can see this poses an immediate problem! I verified this is the short 9 version, however, the leaves are near the rim instead of further away from the rim...
So, could it be the picture from the other forum is wrong? Or are there more versions to be found? (4 then, either short or long 9 and leaves far or near, in every combination this gives 4 possible varieties...)
To illustrate the leaves near or far from the rim I demonstrate the 1967 variety. This is to be found in either version: first up, leaves near rim...

And next, leaves far from rim:


Also note the 9's ! The 1967 with leaves near the rim has a long 9 and the 1967 with the leaves away from the rim has a short 9 !!! The 1966 version with the short 9 has the leaves nearer the rim, the 1967 varieties are the other way around...


And finally, the 1970 variety...
First the narrow date versus the wide date:


In the wide date you have another 2 possibilities, wide date with CENT away from the rim, and wide date with CENT near the rim.
If you put both images on top of each other there is no difference in the place or size of the word CENT, but it looks closer to the rim because one has a narrow rim and the second has a wider rim:
for the wide date, CENT away from rim, refer to the image above. The image below is the wide date with CENT near the rim (or wider rim, if you like):


Perhaps I should have mentioned this earlier, but to distinguish between a short 9 and long 9, you have to look at the bottom tail of the 9. If it curves slightly back upwards it's a long 9, if the tail stays level, it's a short 9.

Hopefully I have inspired some curiosity and it would be great if someone here can shed some more clarity in these varieties.

This is probably the first time someone posted a comprehensive list of these varieties. Too bad I don't have the long 9 variety from 1966, but this can be illustrated with the pictures I have of the 5 Cent 1967!

Thank you for reading this, looking forward to your thoughts...


Thank you for that - this is very interesting information. I have a pile of these and will have a sift through them.

Our member Globetrotter specialises in very clear depictions of varieties that are otherwise difficult to see/compare. Do a search for his posts and even send him a PM.


Thank you so much for the tip about Globetrotter. I had already come across some of his variety pages but didn't remember how I found them. By searching his topics I found out he has a very nice website with loads of information. So again, thanks!


Hi Newtony,

here are some documentations made by Michel Guerin ( ), which I'm allowed to re-use. I have other documentations of other Dutch coins if you're interested? If you need help translating just ask.

I hope that'll clear everything up, though I didn't find anything about the 1966 5 cent coins.



Thank you Globetrotter for the clarification.

This confirms what I found except for the 1966 coin. This is mentioned in a dutch catalog I have, but nobody seems to be able to confirm this. The 1967 and 1970 coins and their varieties are in my collection ;-)

BTW: I use your site quite a lot in search for varieties... Great job!