Irish Free State: design competition

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Percy Metcalfe won the competition, of course. Here I have merely shown the competition entries. To see some of the patterns that were produced from these sketches, and for a consideration of the wider impact of Percy Metcalfe's "barnyard series", see the following topic:

The coinage of the Irish Free State.
Visit the website of The Royal Mint Museum.

See: The Royal Mint Museum.


 I think the best designs were those of Morbiducci's and Metcalfe's. I like most of Metcalfe's but in my estimation Morbiducci was the clear winner. Particularly striking was his bull on the Shilling and the stallion on the Half Crown.

Overall, I very much like the barnyard series but would have preferred to see some of Morbiducci's designs in place of Metcalfe's. I didn't care much for the entries by the other artists.

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