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Polish Miniature "Coins"
« on: May 05, 2009, 01:11:37 AM »
If you collect Polish coins but find they take up too much space in your collection, here comes a handy alternative. ;D Mini Money:

On the left you see a "mini" 5 zl piece; the gray disk on the right shows the size of an actual 5 zl coin. Here are some more pages from that site:

Specifications - Minis vs Original Coins:
Production Photos:
Media Presentation:
The 2009 Set:
The set also comes in two "prestige" versions; gold and silver ...

What I find surprising is that the mini pieces are not that much smaller than actual coins. Collectors of Dutch coins, for example, may remember the mini-sets that the mint in Utrecht used to make. Every "mini-muntset" contained all circulation coin denominations, except each piece was half the size of the actual coin. Of course those minis were not legal tender, but quite a few collectors found them interesting.

Well, the first euro denominated mini-set, issued in 2002, was also the last one. Apparently because the tiny pieces might have been mistaken for real euro and cent coins. ::)