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2017 coins in circulation

Started by andyg, March 27, 2017, 07:12:44 PM

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Still found nothing beyond the £1 (lots)


update for these -
1p (scarce) - 50p Shield (scarce), 50p Newton, 50p Rabbit and £1
Still no others - although they have been made they are not yet being issued.
always willing to trade modern UK coins for modern coins from elsewhere....


Can now add 2017 10p, along with two more of the rabbit 50p's - Tom Kitten and Benjamin Bunny.
always willing to trade modern UK coins for modern coins from elsewhere....


A large amount of Benjamin Bunny and Jeremy Fisher coins have yesterday been released into circulation.


The final mintage figure of the 2017-dated 1p coin is approximately 272 million.


Looks like the Royal Mint's issue figures pages have been updated for the 2017 coins.

Dreadful format, particularly for the £2 to 20p page where there are so many commemoratives.


The final mintage figures of 2017-dated UK coins for circulation have now been released:


The 2017 figures published are a bit piecemeal. What about Jane Austen & WW1 Royal Flying Corps £2 coins?

Also noticed that, in the case of the 50p commemoratives, there were slight increases from previously published figures with the exception of Benjamin Bunny which more that doubled!


Both The Tale of Peter Rabbit (19.9m) and Benjamin Bunny (25m) must be among the highest figures for commemorative circulation coins ever issued?  The 89m 1973 EEC 50p was the highest, but I don't think any of the 1986-onwards £2 and 50p commemoratives have come anywhere near to these two Beatrix Potter coins.*

*I haven't checked the figures of all the commemoratives so could be proved wrong there.  The page with that information on the Royal Mint's website appears to be unavailable.


Alan71 is correct. The only 50p / £2 cc that comes close to Peter Rabbit and B. Bunny mintage is the 2005 50p ''Dictionary'' with  17,649,000.

I had copied the figures from the Royal Mint websites when the site with the 20p-£2 was still available a few months ago. The 1p-20p mintage site still works. But figures are from 2017. So not updated.


That's interesting, Redlock.  When the commemoratives properly started in 1998, it was explicitly stated that there would only be around five million of each issued (to keep them special) and the remainder required would be made up by the standard versions.  Clearly that ruling was abandoned by the mid-2000s. 

The introduction of the Dent Jigsaw standards appeared to be a turning point.  The standard 50p wasn't issued for some years (1999-2011 and even in years when it was, figures were comparatively low) and then when that disastrous Britannia design was introduced on the £2, it was (and is) hardly seen at all.

The Royal Mint figures for 2017 don't seem to reflect reality though.  Other than 50p commemoratives, I've still only seen 1p and £1 coins dated 2017 (and not many 1p).  I routinely get 1970s and 1980s 1p and 2p coins in change at present, and prior to last year I assumed most of these had been withdrawn because of their bronze content.

The majority of the standard 2017 coins must be lying in cash centres or banks.


Isn't it interesting that, as we are becoming a more cashless society, the Royal Mint issued just over 66m commemorative 50p coins in 2017 for supposed intended circulation. That is more that any other year since the coin's introduction considering that the 1973 EEC figure of 89m was minted over the period 1973 to 1976 but all dated 1973. The 2011 issues totalled 56.6m.


The 2017 5p appears to have been issued in quite large numbers recently (at least in my area).  I got my first one last week and since had three more in change.

Bizarrely I also got a 1971 large 5p in change today, being passed off as a 10p.  After nearly 28 years of being out of circulation, it still amazes me that this happens.


I have cat and frog 50ps, and my first 5p today.  Still pretty slim pickings


I got my first ever Beatrix Potter 50p in change today from the Lidl self-checkout machine: Benjamin Bunny, 2017. Glancing at it, I assumed it was a female bunny, because of the fancy hat, but in fact it's meant to be a male. It's in shiny EF condition.
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