Liège: liard i.n.o. Bishop Louis de Bourbon (1456-1482)

Started by FosseWay, January 28, 2017, 01:40:12 PM

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Acquired this in a job lot of otherwise identifiable French provincial issues, hence the tentative country attribution (there are also lys on the shield). I can make out MONETA NOVA but not where it's new money of, and on the other side LUDOVICUS (again pointing to France).

BUT the arms resemble those of Bosnia, which during the 14th century was ruled by Lajos (Louis, Ludovicus) I of Hungary, so that is a possibility.

Either way, it appears to be too old for any of my reference books.

21.7 mm, 1.42 g, copper as far as I can tell.

Can anyone tell me anything more?


I believe this is it,

LVDOVICVS*EPS*LEONDIENSI (The coat of arms of Louis the duke of Bourbon, Bishop of Liege)

A Liege Liard.