Siak Sultanate, Sumatra pitis 26mm, early 17th century

Started by bgriff99, January 30, 2017, 09:34:44 AM

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Inscribed in very corrupt Sumatran-Javanese "Sultan Siyak".    Outer edge of coin is bottom of script, reading right.    Sultan is centered across bottom of image.   This is one of several types, written in both Arabic and Javanese.    It is the least legible but now becoming pretty common.    Made of pewter.   More or less imitating Banten issues.


Thanks for the full transcription. Makes it cetainly come more to life. I have seen several similar specimen on sale recently. As i know to little of these i just keep awy from these like from the commonly seen (fake) Chinese coins. Which actually is a pity.


Everybody suspects some of the Musi and other river-found pieces are newly made, mixed in.   Some of this type look suspicious.   That's why I got this obviously old one.