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Started by juliencolle, June 09, 2009, 05:46:14 PM

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You guys can tell me everything you know about this coin :)
also what this type of coin is worth :)

Thank you very much

Diameter: 22 mm
Weight: 7,987 Gram

BC Numismatics

  That is a British gold coin - either a 1/2 Sovereign or a full Sovereign.The full Sovereign is about the size of the 1 Euro coin.

The fineness is 22 Carats.



At 22 mm, this is a sovereign (20 shillings) 1901, probably struck at the London Mint (mint marks are extremely small on this type). Its mintage is 1 579 000. Although this coin was struck for circulation, it was used extensively for hoarding as a hedge against inflation in the years around the first world war. They were largely obsolescent in Britain after the first world war, but continued to be used, in particular in West and Central Asia, but also in parts of Africa and South America. They were included in the RAF and USAF emergency packages in the second world war as an aid to bribe the natives so the airmen could escape capture. ::)

The reverse is signed B.P. for Benedetto Pistrucci, a flamboyant employee of the London Mint. The design was originally meant for a huge medal in honor of the battle of Waterloo and of Wellington. The London Mint didn't have the technology required to strike the medal, but the design was used on British gold.

Your coin has seen little usage, but due to the edge bumps, it will stil sell at melt value only, I think.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.