Jahangir Zodiac Mohur (Capricorn) - Very likely an imitation, leaf mint mark?

Started by ChrisHagen, September 27, 2015, 09:21:38 PM

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(Background: I work at a local coin shop, and the owner has asked me to help with some coins he has amassed over the years. This one had me stumped though!)

I see there's only a few of these around, since the imagery of animals or people was (is?) apparently forbidden in Islam within this context, and Jahangir's successor ordered the zodiac series melted when he came to power.

Weight is 8.83 grams. Doesn't react with 14K gold testing acid (i.e. purer than 14 karats)

The capricorn doesn't match any other coin I have found, and the reverse is also different. No date, but an "upside down sprig / leaf" mint mark of some kind.

It came with a slip of paper that reads "Bahadur Shah I" but I don't see how that makes sense.

Any clues?


This is a rather poor copy of the Zodiac mohur of Jahangir
Jahangir, 1605-1628, AV zodiac mohur (10.84g), Agra, AH1028 year 14. KM-180.19. BMC-350 (same obverse die). Capricorn (December/January), mythical creature, forepart of goat with scaled fish-like tail, crouching left, solar rays behind,
Capricorn is one of the rarest of Jahangir's zodiac mohurs. No specimen has been posted on CoinArchives. There is one specimen on Zeno.ru, from the Ashmolean Museum and dated AH1033 year 18, from the same dies as the piece illustrated in KM. Examples of the early years of the Capricorn mohurs bear a complete border of solar rays, as on this piece, but later issues have three gaps in the border of rays, for the head, forelegs and tail of Capricorn. This example appears to be a die match for the obverse photographed example in Stanley Lane Poole's Catalogue of the Coins of the Mughal Emperors in the British Museum, 1892.


Thanks for confirming, I was very suspicious of it indeed!

(I will be collecting information about these issues in this post.)

I have now found 7 different Capricorn Mohurs online (there's actually two on Zeno it seems)

RY 14:




RY 16:

RY 17:

RY 18:

I still haven't found examples of all regnal years listed, so I was hoping that one of those types could have been cruder, or if they were struck at more than one mint. Definitely a tough series to find information about.

Here's the NGC page I found. They list 12 different date/RY combinations, one of them an error. I can't find that supposed error coin anywhere. I think it's never been discussed or described online.

There exists an AH 1033/ RY18 specimen in the Skanda collection.


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Quote from: Coinsforever on September 28, 2015, 08:19:31 AM
Undoubtedly fake /imitation  here is a link of website which had auctioned  such mohur of Jahangir.


Cheers ;D
Thanks but this exact coin has already been posted ;)

I guess this is simply a weird bullion imitation. Pretty unique though. I've found imitations online in non-precious metal, and some in silver. But none in gold.