Author Topic: Farrukhsiyar: AR Rupee, Multan, AH 1129 RY 6, KM 377.47.....nazarana style flan!  (Read 163 times)

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Farrukhsiyar, Silver Rupee, Multan, 11.34g, AH 1129 RY 6, KM 377.47

Almost looks like a delicious cookie with bits nibbled from edges! The coin has apparently been hammered quite a bit, given its curves, dips, bends folds and nicks, and well past its heydeys, but in relative good shape overall considering its age and condition. It is not a perfect coin but its beauty lies in its slight imperfection.
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And, I would like to add, nice patina that makes the design come out even better. With a complete legend, most collectors would say this is a very desirable coin. Personally, I like workhorse coins, especially when all the details are so clear. So there. ;)

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