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Grade and Market Value

Started by budi_px, February 02, 2015, 08:49:33 AM

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Dear expert,

My Name is budi, and I have three old coins from Japan and China. Unfortunately, I could not define the grade of those coins and their market value.

One Mon Japanese Coin is sitll confusing me regarding the Krause Code. If you could help me please give me an insight regarding their grade and market value.

Bst rgds,



the Japanese coin is a 1/2 sen from the year 9, Meiji (1876) and was struck 24,292,478 times. KM# Y16.

Grades are not possible to suggest because of the low image quality.



Your Japanese cash coin as listed in my older Krause, covering 1601-1700, is C#1.1.   The type issued 1636-56.   The grade is maybe fine.   However it has an extra stroke in the bottom character which is not supposed to be there, and does not look like a casting flaw.   I suggest contacting member Chinasmith, here, for an enquiry.    The basic coin has a nominal retail value of $1.    The premium for the extra stroke, if that's what it is, is unknown.   It is not necessarily an original mint-produced coin.


Your struck Chinese copper is a 20 cash, with cyclical date for 1909.   It is Y# 20.   Grade is fine, at best, due to worn out lettering.   


Dear Mr./Mrs.

Thank you for the feedback



Please do not submit more than one coin in a thread for id. Your coins belong on three different boards, but cannot be separated.

An unidentified coin is a piece of metal. An identified coin is a piece of history.