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Coins used as ammunition bring an Empire down

Started by Overlord, March 22, 2009, 07:50:56 AM

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Some interesting passages concerning the Battle of Talikota which led to the ruin of the mighty Vijayanagar Empire of Southern India:

"The Battle was fought on 23 (sic) January, 1565. At first the Hindus had the advantage, but they suffered severely from a salvo of the Ahmadnagar guns shotted with bags of copper coins..."
(The Oxford History of India)

"At Talikota (1565), the Vijayanagar Knights stupidly charged a position carefully massed with a great number of canon loaded with copper coins in place of grape shot."
(Introduction to the Study of Indian History By D.D. Kosambi)

Some more mentions of coins being employed as ammunition...

"The ammunation was solid shot, sometimes of stone, sometimes of iron, and field guns and heavy guns in the field were sometimes loaded to the muzzle with the rough copper of the same time, which took the place of case-shot, and did great execution at close quarters."
(E.J. Brill's first encyclopaedia of Islam, 1913-1936 By M. Th Houtsma)

"Duff mentions the canon 'Malik-i Maidan', the monarch of the plain. It was cast at Ahmadnagar, in 1549 by a native of Constantinople named Hussain Khan...An Italian of Otranto, who served in the Mogul armies under the title of Rumi Khan, had this gun in his park of artillery, and used it in several battles, occasionally firing sacks of copper coins out of it."
(Indian and Oriental Armour By Lord Egerton of Tatton, Wilbraham Egerton Egerton)